Which dress fits which occasion?

The invitation is on the table, but what do you wear – this one

The question arises a lot of women more often. Finally, you want to attract attention and appear appropriately dressed according to the dress code of the event. Generally speaking, better-dressed understatement will show up as overdressed. And the little black dress always fits, so it should not be missing in any wardrobe.

When choosing evening dresses, every woman should pay attention to quality, nothing is worse than a supposedly elegant evening dress, but the cheap price but unfortunately looks. So it’s important to pay attention to quality and invest a bit more. Because high-quality materials such as silk and chiffon fall wonderfully and you are immediately elegantly dressed. Lace, shiny satin and elegant details are just as much a part of the evening wear as the corresponding shoe – preferably a high heel, of course. In addition, the matching accessories must not be forgotten, such as elegant jewellery and a corresponding handbag, because the overall impression counts. Clothing and accessories should match both colour and style.Of course you can put on a ball gown in the evening and feel like a princess, when invited to the ball. The mostly knee-length cocktail dress is also suitable for evening events, especially if you can not make friends with maxi dresses. The cocktail dress can also wear more often than the ball gown, and it should also be thought of when purchasing. For wedding in the family, at the reception, at a fancy dinner and at an upscale garden party you are in the cocktail dress always right and well dressed.

The transitions between evening gown and cocktail dress are fluid, because even a fashion product called Abi ball gown may be a cocktail dress. After graduation, it may become a dress for the next theater evening or another upscale event. The most important accessory – regardless of the dress – is, however, a beaming smile of the wearer and a confident appearance, because you will always succeed.

Full nail salon? So you can remove your gel nails yourself

If at some point but the first corners crumble, we often do not want to wait until the next free appointment in the nail salon. The manicure must go down as fast as possible. We’ll tell you how to remove gel nails yourself without completely ruining your nails or even hurting you.

Special sets, such as the Red Carpet Manicure Removal Kit or the Geltox Detox Kit from Ciaté London , contain everything you need to remove gel nails easily at home: Foil and Removal Solution, Nail Band, Serum, File, Cuticle pusher and a buffer. For this they maintain your nails and cuticles.

If you regularly wear gel nails, you can replace them with self-made remover foils. For this you need a bottle of nail polish remover with acetone (!), Ten cotton balls and aluminum foil. Roughly scrub the shiny layer of your manicure with a nail file, then put a cotton ball in the nail polish remover and put it on your nail. Then you wrap the aluminum foil over it like a hood.

Although this method takes a little longer, but works wonders. You need two bowls, one should be a little bigger than the other. Fill the larger bowl with warm water and put the smaller one in, in which you fill with acetone-containing nail polish remover.

Attention: Under no circumstances should you heat the remover in the microwave or on the stove as it is flammable!

Again, file the glossy layer of the gel coat first and place your fingers in the heated nail polish remover for approx. 10 – 15 minutes to soak. When the corners start to loosen, you can remove the gel with a wooden stick.

Whichever method you choose, it is important that you always maintain your nails afterwards with nail oil and hand cream.

Bye bye: Zara has launched a tool that will help you find your right size

You probably know the following problem: You have found his dream piece online, happy that it is not sold out, ordered it and then – the big disappointment: It does not fit! Somehow the top looked so big online?

Since this problem is really corrosive, we are glad that the label has now set up a tool that can be of great help in the size decision !

No, we do not mean specifying how big the model is and what size it’s wearing, but the brand new category “What size suits me?”And that’s how it works: Suppose you see a mega dress that you really want, but you’re not sure about the size. Then you give in the first step your height and your weight, then you can choose between different ” preferences” : Do you want it to be “body-contoured”, “perfect” or something “farther”? You decide between these possibilities, then Zara spits out your suitable size.

If you want the result to be even more precise , in a second step you can choose the silhouette, the hip shape, your age (this influences the distribution of the weight) and your bra size. You can also skip individual steps.

Then your size for the piece appears. The information is measured on the basis of identical information that customers have provided with a purchase before you and the goods have NOT subsequently retounced.

By the way: Did you once entered your measurements, these are pre-stored – your size will be automatically displayed on other Zara parts, practically, right?

How to find out which jewellery suits you!

A piece of jewellery is usually more than just an accessory. Often there is a life story behind it, an important event, an occasion.

However, apart from the emotional level, there are also some criteria by which one can select jewellery to suit the wearer.

When asked how to find the ideal piece of jewellery, Claudia Wellendorff from the German manufacturer Wellendorff of the same name has also been involved. Here the expert gives tips for choosing the right jewellery:

White gold stands bright types with bluish, pink skin. In terms of clothing, white gold tends to match discreet colours. Cool silver, white gold or platinum fit better with sporty or minimalist types.

Yellow gold is suitable for darker, slightly tanned or yellowish skin. Yellow gold fits strong colours. Rose gold fits variably to all skin types. Generally, yellow and rose gold look more elegant and are better suited for evening events than white gold.

The aim is to stretch round face shapes and shorten elongated optically. Round faces are round necklaces and vice versa. The chain size should harmonize with the body fullness, the chain length with the body size. That means: tall women stand long necklaces, short ones. Delicate women should choose filigree chains, curvy massive ones.

With a large bust, the necklace should be short and end above the chest. Long necklaces stretch a short neck optically.

Wedding with Bridesmaid Alert: The Most Beautiful Clothes and Accessories

After “Do you want to marry me?” Is usually the second most important question in a woman’s life: “Do you want to be my bridesmaid?”. The good old maid of honour has so long since served, because more and more brides in opt for an army of bridesmaids. We join this trend and show you today the most beautiful bridesmaid dresses and accessories for the second most important women on this day.

 Men come and go, but really good friends usually stay for a lifetime. No wonder that this is why many a wedding is given a great honour. If there are still sisters in the family, the number of bridesmaids will soon exceed four or five.

No, even though American comedies and love movies have long taught us that bridesmaids should be put into the most absurd of clothes so as not to compete with the bride. For some years now, the trend towards the bridesmaid has been developing in a romantic and deeply friendly direction, which is reflected above all in the choice of clothes. So it also corresponds to the old custom: For the bridesmaids – of course, beautiful virgins – were originally responsible for distracting evil spirits from the bride with her beauty and a dress similar to the wedding dress. So that your bridesmaids can turn their heads properly to the ghosts, today we will reveal the most beautiful clothing trends.

After all, the original maidens were virgins, so the bridesmaid dresses are also happy to lean on this origin. Expressed in cuts: as playful as possible, with romantic draping, little ruffles or appliques and please, just not too sexy. If a woman is sexy on that day, then it’s either the bride under her bridal gown – for the wedding night, of course – or the single ladies who still have to find her husband for life. But we digress from the topic: If you want to see your bridesmaids in short dresses, then they are likely to grab baby doll cuts or other copies, also with one-shoulder effect or girlish A-line. Here the playful look can also be perfected particularly well with small hair bands or floral bracelets.

Since white is not up for debate anyway and black is just too dark, all the colours of the rainbow are welcome to bridal gowns. Pastel shades, of course, are particularly suitable here, but also bright colours like a strong blue or purple will put your bridesmaids in a beautiful light. Incidentally, it is up to you whether you want to dress all your bridesmaids in the same colour or whether you want to play with the rainbow effect. For example, wrapping your bridesmaids in dresses made of different pastel shades will give you a unique look on the souvenir pictures.

You have the veil, your bridesmaids the hairband. These are in addition to individual dresses also a nice way to make your loved ones out of the crowd. If one or the other lady is not a fan of the ornamental ring, you can also decorate the hair with decorated hair clips. Speaking of jewellery, would not it be a beautiful and symbolic gesture for you and your bridesmaids to wear the same piece of jewellery? Here, for example, delicate bracelets or bracelets would offer. So your bridesmaids have a tangible and lasting memory even after the big day.

So much for the theory, let’s get to practice: Take a look at Chicregina show and discover the most beautiful bridesmaid dresses and matching accessories for the big day.

Calvin Klein reveals new logo

The initials “CK” for Calvin Klein, worn by many proud of t-shirts, sweatshirts and other clothing of the US brand, are a thing of the past as an official logo. Creative director Raf Simons , who has been singing the scepter for Calvin Klein since last August, not only redesigned the logo, but also abolished the well-known initials.

The company unveiled the new logo tacitly on Instagram this weekend. It was created in collaboration with graphic designer Peter Saville, who is known for his work on the album covers of Joy Division and New Order. This is not the first collaboration between Simons and Saville – the former had already collaborated with Saville on the fall / winter 2003 collection of his own label.

The new logo, which consists entirely of big-bore hubs, was unveiled just a few weeks after Simons’s first collection for the fashion house. He introduced the new concept called “By Appointment” with a series of 14 new looks. The design of the new logo is described as “a return to the spirit of the original” and “a tribute to the founder and the foundations of the fashion house”. It is played on an old logo, which also used sans-serif letters and more closely spaced letters.

With the unveiling of a new logo, Simons, whose choice some in the industry had questioned, is definitely following in the footsteps of other well-known designers – Hedi Slimane and Jonathan Saunders, for example – who also take on Yves Saint Laurent and Diane von Furstenberg reworked the logo of their new task.

Now, Simons’ first complete collection is eagerly awaited for Calvin Klein, which will be presented as part of New York Fashion Week on 10th February. Whether this will be a mixture of old and new, remains to be seen; but it is already certain that for the first time in the history of the US fashion house, the women’s and men’s collection will be presented together on the same catwalk.

Never pair a boyfriend jeans with these clothes!

Although skinny jeans are the all-time bestseller, boyfriend jeans are highly popular with bloggers and influencers.

Pretty cool, in fact, such a boyfriend jeans. However, caution is advised when styling. Often you can miss it completely, especially in winter …

beautiful jeans

1. With XL tops

If you’re not six feet tall, XL tops look a bit off the pack for boyfriend jeans. The jeans are already baggy enough, another wide part pushes the silhouette.

Sweet body-shaped black rollis look cute, which are stuck in the bundle. This fits a cool studded belt.

2. With black tights

Some bloggers tear their already destroyed jeans even more blatantly. This is refreshing in summer. In winter you get yourself killed. In addition, blue-frozen legs do not look very sexy.

What does not work then: wear black opaque tights under the boyfriend jeans. If you are cold, then put on a funny tights with check pattern.

3. With chunky boots

It is completely taboo to wear boyfriend jeans to chunky lined winter boots. You look like a forest worker from the Rocky Mountains.

4. With men’s jacket

Boyfriend jeans are already a rather masculine garment, mated by a friend. So please do not steal the boyfriend jacket, you look like a guy.

What’s up Camouflage jackets, but please which, which are slightly waisted and not cut too long. The look looks ultra-feminine when you wear high heels with socks .

5. Overlays tops

Anyway: Tops over the buttocks should be picked up for styling your skinny jeans. Wide baggy pants to long tops expresses all in all the silhouette.