Calvin Klein reveals new logo

The initials “CK” for Calvin Klein, worn by many proud of t-shirts, sweatshirts and other clothing of the US brand, are a thing of the past as an official logo. Creative director Raf Simons , who has been singing the scepter for Calvin Klein since last August, not only redesigned the logo, but also abolished the well-known initials.

The company unveiled the new logo tacitly on Instagram this weekend. It was created in collaboration with graphic designer Peter Saville, who is known for his work on the album covers of Joy Division and New Order. This is not the first collaboration between Simons and Saville – the former had already collaborated with Saville on the fall / winter 2003 collection of his own label.

The new logo, which consists entirely of big-bore hubs, was unveiled just a few weeks after Simons’s first collection for the fashion house. He introduced the new concept called “By Appointment” with a series of 14 new looks. The design of the new logo is described as “a return to the spirit of the original” and “a tribute to the founder and the foundations of the fashion house”. It is played on an old logo, which also used sans-serif letters and more closely spaced letters.

With the unveiling of a new logo, Simons, whose choice some in the industry had questioned, is definitely following in the footsteps of other well-known designers – Hedi Slimane and Jonathan Saunders, for example – who also take on Yves Saint Laurent and Diane von Furstenberg reworked the logo of their new task.

Now, Simons’ first complete collection is eagerly awaited for Calvin Klein, which will be presented as part of New York Fashion Week on 10th February. Whether this will be a mixture of old and new, remains to be seen; but it is already certain that for the first time in the history of the US fashion house, the women’s and men’s collection will be presented together on the same catwalk.

Never pair a boyfriend jeans with these clothes!

Although skinny jeans are the all-time bestseller, boyfriend jeans are highly popular with bloggers and influencers.

Pretty cool, in fact, such a boyfriend jeans. However, caution is advised when styling. Often you can miss it completely, especially in winter …

beautiful jeans

1. With XL tops

If you’re not six feet tall, XL tops look a bit off the pack for boyfriend jeans. The jeans are already baggy enough, another wide part pushes the silhouette.

Sweet body-shaped black rollis look cute, which are stuck in the bundle. This fits a cool studded belt.

2. With black tights

Some bloggers tear their already destroyed jeans even more blatantly. This is refreshing in summer. In winter you get yourself killed. In addition, blue-frozen legs do not look very sexy.

What does not work then: wear black opaque tights under the boyfriend jeans. If you are cold, then put on a funny tights with check pattern.

3. With chunky boots

It is completely taboo to wear boyfriend jeans to chunky lined winter boots. You look like a forest worker from the Rocky Mountains.

4. With men’s jacket

Boyfriend jeans are already a rather masculine garment, mated by a friend. So please do not steal the boyfriend jacket, you look like a guy.

What’s up Camouflage jackets, but please which, which are slightly waisted and not cut too long. The look looks ultra-feminine when you wear high heels with socks .

5. Overlays tops

Anyway: Tops over the buttocks should be picked up for styling your skinny jeans. Wide baggy pants to long tops expresses all in all the silhouette.