A piece of jewellery is usually more than just an accessory. Often there is a life story behind it, an important event, an occasion.

However, apart from the emotional level, there are also some criteria by which one can select jewellery to suit the wearer.

When asked how to find the ideal piece of jewellery, Claudia Wellendorff from the German manufacturer Wellendorff of the same name has also been involved. Here the expert gives tips for choosing the right jewellery:

White gold stands bright types with bluish, pink skin. In terms of clothing, white gold tends to match discreet colours. Cool silver, white gold or platinum fit better with sporty or minimalist types.

Yellow gold is suitable for darker, slightly tanned or yellowish skin. Yellow gold fits strong colours. Rose gold fits variably to all skin types. Generally, yellow and rose gold look more elegant and are better suited for evening events than white gold.

The aim is to stretch round face shapes and shorten elongated optically. Round faces are round necklaces and vice versa. The chain size should harmonize with the body fullness, the chain length with the body size. That means: tall women stand long necklaces, short ones. Delicate women should choose filigree chains, curvy massive ones.

With a large bust, the necklace should be short and end above the chest. Long necklaces stretch a short neck optically.