You probably know the following problem: You have found his dream piece online, happy that it is not sold out, ordered it and then – the big disappointment: It does not fit! Somehow the top looked so big online?

Since this problem is really corrosive, we are glad that the label has now set up a tool that can be of great help in the size decision !

No, we do not mean specifying how big the model is and what size it’s wearing, but the brand new category “What size suits me?”And that’s how it works: Suppose you see a mega dress that you really want, but you’re not sure about the size. Then you give in the first step your height and your weight, then you can choose between different ” preferences” : Do you want it to be “body-contoured”, “perfect” or something “farther”? You decide between these possibilities, then Zara spits out your suitable size.

If you want the result to be even more precise , in a second step you can choose the silhouette, the hip shape, your age (this influences the distribution of the weight) and your bra size. You can also skip individual steps.

Then your size for the piece appears. The information is measured on the basis of identical information that customers have provided with a purchase before you and the goods have NOT subsequently retounced.

By the way: Did you once entered your measurements, these are pre-stored – your size will be automatically displayed on other Zara parts, practically, right?