After “Do you want to marry me?” Is usually the second most important question in a woman’s life: “Do you want to be my bridesmaid?”. The good old maid of honour has so long since served, because more and more brides in opt for an army of bridesmaids. We join this trend and show you today the most beautiful bridesmaid dresses and accessories for the second most important women on this day.

 Men come and go, but really good friends usually stay for a lifetime. No wonder that this is why many a wedding is given a great honour. If there are still sisters in the family, the number of bridesmaids will soon exceed four or five.

No, even though American comedies and love movies have long taught us that bridesmaids should be put into the most absurd of clothes so as not to compete with the bride. For some years now, the trend towards the bridesmaid has been developing in a romantic and deeply friendly direction, which is reflected above all in the choice of clothes. So it also corresponds to the old custom: For the bridesmaids – of course, beautiful virgins – were originally responsible for distracting evil spirits from the bride with her beauty and a dress similar to the wedding dress. So that your bridesmaids can turn their heads properly to the ghosts, today we will reveal the most beautiful clothing trends.

After all, the original maidens were virgins, so the bridesmaid dresses are also happy to lean on this origin. Expressed in cuts: as playful as possible, with romantic draping, little ruffles or appliques and please, just not too sexy. If a woman is sexy on that day, then it’s either the bride under her bridal gown – for the wedding night, of course – or the single ladies who still have to find her husband for life. But we digress from the topic: If you want to see your bridesmaids in short dresses, then they are likely to grab baby doll cuts or other copies, also with one-shoulder effect or girlish A-line. Here the playful look can also be perfected particularly well with small hair bands or floral bracelets.

Since white is not up for debate anyway and black is just too dark, all the colours of the rainbow are welcome to bridal gowns. Pastel shades, of course, are particularly suitable here, but also bright colours like a strong blue or purple will put your bridesmaids in a beautiful light. Incidentally, it is up to you whether you want to dress all your bridesmaids in the same colour or whether you want to play with the rainbow effect. For example, wrapping your bridesmaids in dresses made of different pastel shades will give you a unique look on the souvenir pictures.

You have the veil, your bridesmaids the hairband. These are in addition to individual dresses also a nice way to make your loved ones out of the crowd. If one or the other lady is not a fan of the ornamental ring, you can also decorate the hair with decorated hair clips. Speaking of jewellery, would not it be a beautiful and symbolic gesture for you and your bridesmaids to wear the same piece of jewellery? Here, for example, delicate bracelets or bracelets would offer. So your bridesmaids have a tangible and lasting memory even after the big day.

So much for the theory, let’s get to practice: Take a look at Chicregina show and discover the most beautiful bridesmaid dresses and matching accessories for the big day.